Friday, March 28, 2014

Bullying Lesson Plan

Middle School Classroom Counseling Lesson

I have used these Dateline videos the past few years with my 7th and 8th grade students. Hosted by Rosalind Wiseman teenage boys and girls are put in bullying situations and video taped as their parents watched. It is great for students to see what the kids in the videos do and there are many discussion points.  I have worked alongside my buildings health teachers to complete this lesson.

Dateline video link - My kid would never bully

Dateline Video – My Kid Would Never Bully

Discussion Points
o   Bystanders?
o   Is ignoring the right thing to do?
o   What would you do?  Would your parents be proud of you?
o   How is bullying different with boys and girls?
o   Mean Girls Movie - How does this relate?
o   What do you think after watching this video?
Video Questions & Discussion Points
            For Boys Video
·         Review negative comments (you suck, running like a girl, sissy, anti-gay slurs)
·         Getting on the floor as a distraction
·         How do you think Brandon felt when he found out his Mom was watching?        
·         What would you do if you were Isaiah?
For Girls Video
o   Do you know a Veronica? NO NAMES
o   How would your Mom feel if you were laughing?  How would you feel knowing your Mom saw your laughing?
o   Do you know a Lilly?