Monday, March 31, 2014

Girls Group Week 2

This week the girls continued with their book of mental hugs and we also discussed who their heroes are and why. Girls wrote in their journals about their heroes and why this was a person they looked up to. I had many answers. The obvious answers like parents and grandparents and also some out left field answers. Kurt Cobain?

The girls then made super hero capes. This was super easy. I took poster paper and cut a hole out for the head. Each girl had a marker and wrote on the other super hero capes. At the end the girls presented their capes to the group. Here are a few pictures. The discussion while working on their mental hugs book is priceless. As a counselor I really get a sense of how they are doing and what is on their mind. It is a smooth transition to talk about what is really bothering them not another adult asking 20 questions.